Vectorworks BIM and CAD services

Vectorworks® is a computer-aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software which enables Designers to develop the entire architectural project from conceptual ideas to fully coordinated BIM model, construction drawings. Its advanced graphics capabilities and intuitive user interface allows users to efficiently create 2D Drafting, technical drawings,

3D Model and presentation drawings.

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CADMitra uses Vectorworks to develop architectural drafting, construction documents and 3D model for architects, residential home builders and developers. With over 3 years of experience on multiple global projects, CADMitra has developed capabilities to produce excellent Vectorworks drawings and models which incorporate local standards and codes.

Vectorworks Software Services:

  1. Architectural BIM model
  2. Convert CAD to Vectorworks 3D model
  3. Construction drawings set including Site plan, floor plans, elevations, building sections and constructions details.
  4. Convert PDF Drawings to 3D Model
  5. Converting DWG into Vectorworks drawings
  6. Converting Sketchup Model into Vectorworks
  7. Creating 3D Model using Google Street View
  8. Creating 3D Models and Rendering.
  9. Converting Point cloud data to 3D Model